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Our Brewery is based in North Wales and located in the Plassey, it is the oldest micro brewery in Wales surrounded by glorious countryside. Richard moved into the brewery in 2017 and started making real ale from our 12-barrel brew plant. We focus on brewing a core range with some seasonal specials. Our ethos is to only brew beer we want to drink as we are a small brewery and we want every brew to count. You can try the range of beer in pubs in England and Wales and of course in our own Taproom in Wrexham. We also sell bottles here online and mini kegs too. I hope you enjoy drinking the ale as much as we enjoy brewing it.  Liz Lever – Founder

Award winning tasteGOLD FOR EYTON GOLD

In 2019, SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) awarded Eyton Bitter, Bronze for Bottle/Can Premium Bitters (4.5 to 6.4% abv) the Eyton Gold won Gold in the Bottle/Can British Bitters (up to 4.4%abv) section.


We opened our Brewery Tap in Charles Street, Wrexham in 2019. Our small and friendly brewery tap bar serving our own beers from the brewery, alongside some of our favourite beers from local breweries.

We serve 4 to 6 cask beers, 3 to 5 keg beers from our own brewery and we include other local breweries too and a selection of bottles.

I could drink that right now!
Welsh Beer

Long tradition is our keyBREWING IS OUR LIFE

Traditional Cask Ale In A Mini Keg
Traditional brewed cask ale (not carbonated). Brewed with the finest Marris Otter Malt and welsh water to create a great pint!
Dark Mild Cask Ale In A Mini Keg
Brewed with the finest ingredients using Marris Otter Malts and welsh water.

This Dark Mild ale keg is great for parties and to share among friends or just have a couple in front of the fire. A great gift idea for those who love dark ales and milds