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Brewing is our life, we are passionate about making tasty cask ales, kegs & lagers.



You never forget your first sip

In 2017, we decided to take the leap and turn our passion for serving real ale into brewing real ale. We’ve both love ale, but our pub didn’t have anywhere to brew, the next logical step for us was to find a place that could. ¬†Like magic, when you wish for things they do present themselves and The Plassey Brewery, closed at the time, was available.

It’s a pleasure to brew at the Plassey, it’s a beautiful part of the world to do something you have real passion and love for.¬† We don’t intend to become a big brewery but we do intend to keep winning awards with our real ales.

Founders | Directors Richard & Liz Lever



You never forget your first sip

My passion for brewing and my beer journey started in the form of Richard. He made me do it. I’m not one for drinking in my spare time, as providing for 4 children plus dodging Rally cars in the mountains camera ready needs clarity of mind. But Richard appreciated my non nonsense approach to describing beer when taste testing and insists on using my vocabulary as a barometer for when things are bad to great. Now, years later, my palette is educated, I know I’ve seriously got the best job in the world.

Chief Taste Taster Nick Bradshaw