What’s in your fridge this weekend?

This time last year, the first year of lockdown, (I’m writing this in April)  the sun was blazing and the family BBQ was well used.  Our beer online shop became quite popular, a shift to home drinking because the local pub was closed.

Not only did B&Q’s demand for BBQ’s increase so did the demand for our little guy the mini keg. It became the purchase of choice when garden-socialising was the only socialising you could do.  Food pairing and booze is often talked about. Grabbing any kind of supermarket beer just won’t do when sweating over hot coals all day, to simply have a mediocre beer pairing. Ow Lordy!  Let me introduce you to the mini keg full of joy, a BBQ best pairing. It’s not about quantity its about taste, and if theres one things a BBQ has taught me is (don’t drink too much in the sun) be adventurous when choosing your beer as the coals make for some great food pairing sensations.  The Great British BBQ gives you ideas for what to cook with beer also press here to see.

There are other positives about our mini keg. apart from the outstanding taste, the neighbours don’t hear the sweet sound of the recycling, as the kegs are plastic. Plus you can drink as little as you want, and it stays fresh so no wasting the the precious nectar.

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What’s in your fridge this BBQ weekend?


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