6 case of bottlesBitterA Case of 6 Beers



Can’t get your six pack from the gym then get them here instead.

A 6 pack of your fav. No need to mix and match if you know what you like.

Choose your favourite recipe from the drop down list.

500ml bottles

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There are 6 different recipes to consider

Obsidian  – The first known use of the word stout was found documented in a 1677 Manuscript, the sense being that a “stoutbeer” was a strong beer.

The Green One – Called this as no one could remember its name. It was one of the first labels we made ourselves, clearly people though it ineligible and just pointed and said  ‘The Green One’ and so it was christened.

Border Bitter  – A traditional bitter . Coming soon!

Eyton Gold – Nothing has left us standing so tall as when we me made Eyton… GOLD! We’ve always believed in its soul. It’s indestructible we always believed in it..duh duh…GOLD!

Old Magic  – A dark mild. Coming soon!

Dolphin- An Indian Pale Ale made with Zealand hops


We can deliver or pick them up from the brewery if you don’t want the delivery charge.

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Obsidian, The Green One, Old Magic, Eyton Gold, Dolphin, Border Bitter

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